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Post Landing Service

It is clearly known that getting the visa is not an end but the start of the journey. We offer unparalleled post- landing services to our clients. Our team of experts help you with airport pickup, meet and greet and further they also, assist you in finding suitable accommodation according to your needs.

Travel and Ticketing

Travel and Ticketing is a niche specialization of the Hospitality and Travel field. We offer proper guidance related to the best offers regarding flight booking and counselling. As ticketing is the most prominent requirement of every client so we provide them full assistance related travel and ticketing.

Foreign Exchange

As students require full guidance in money sector so, it’s our priority to offer the best discounts on foreign exchanges. We not only help them but also brief them about the minimal spending rate in an international country. So, if you are still confused then we are here to provide you the right guidance.

Pre Departure Briefing

Pre-departure briefings include informing students about a number of issues such as the culture and traditions of the country they are migrating to. The cultural diversity they see there may cause conflict with the locals, or even cause the student’s grave culture shock. We offer them complete information about the package.