Puneet Khanna

Puneet Khanna is the Managing Director of AUM Global and the leader who rightly led the organization towards success.

He himself has studied abroad and has spent several years working abroad. He built up AUM Global in order to make the dream of thousands of students to study abroad come true. He has personally trained all the others who make up the board of directors and they are all committed to provide quality service to the clients and customers.

Punnet Khanna has contacts with the University heads of the top Universities in the foreign countries and they keep him informed about the rules and regulations for the admission of overseas students.

He shares all the information with his board of directors who keep the counselors informed about them. Puneet Khanna does everything within his means to promote the quality of services at AUM Global.

He makes sure to hire the best and highly qualified counselors and educational consultants who give career counselling to the students and help them select the best university which will enable them to get their dream jobs. Also, he tries to keep the staff motivated by providing them with handsome remuneration and he tries to inculcate the core values of AUM Global among all his employees.

Sometimes he even selects someone from the counselors and sends them on a deputation to any of the foreign countries and they gather relevant information about the higher education of these institutions and receive information from the instructors about how they should prepare the students so that they can get through the admission procedure.

Future Plans

As the Managing Director, Puneet Khanna aspires to take AUM Global to new heights for which he is willing to provide his relentless help and support. He is surely going to make AUM Global which is one of the leading education consultancy as first preference for students in the region. He wants to open career counselling centres in the major cities of India.

Puneet Khanna wants all his staff and employees to adhere to the core values of AUM Global like integrity, honesty, discipline, transparency and hard work. He wants his staff and board of directors to inculcate these values in all their activities. He wants to develop a relation of mutual trust and respect with all his clients and customers.

In order to know about the visa rules and regulations Puneet Khanna tries to cultivate a relation with the Home offices of the foreign countries. He sends his staff regularly to the visa and home office to get first hand information about any new regulation that has been implemented.

He has personally taken care to guide his staff members about how they can assist the students with the visa forms. Puneet Khanna is a very hard working and has a very positive approach towards life. He is surely going to make AUM Global one of the leading educational consultancy in the near future.