About Cyprus

About Cyprus

If you want to study in Cyprus then you should be clear that this country is one of the most suggested destinations for international education. Lot of students is migrating to this country in search of quality education at an affordable cost. The most beneficial part is that you will make friends from all over the world from different Cyprian universities. As this country is located at the crossroad of the countries like Africa, Asia and Europe it has experienced many different cultures through time. The expenses of sustaining in Cyprus are quite reasonable and once you start knowing the locals you will barely pay a dime to have a good time in Cyprus. This country is blessed with natural wonders and has the best environment among all the countries. If we talk about ,the crime rate of this particular country then it can give you a major advantage. It is a mesmerizing island to study and provides an unforgettable chance to experience beach life. Some of the people call it as the island of love. It offers high-quality international education at an affordable cost for every student.

Why Study in Cyprus ?

1.Amazing weather conditions

In this particular country, summers are quite hot and winters are warm, and you can easily enjoy swimming in warm type of Mediterranean waters for many months. With an average of 326 days of sunlight year, this country provides the best climate to study, explore and relax.

2.Warm-hearted welcome

People living in this particular country are well known for their heartwarming friendly nature. Anywhere you visit on the island expects a warm and relaxing atmosphere. This place is full of positive vibes and it is also relaxing as per student’s point of view.

3.Extraordinary beach life

It is home to some of the most astonishing and cleanest beaches in Europe, the island is proudly known for having recognition in the European Environmental Agency. It also has the cleanest waters in Europe for the last 10 years in a row.

4.10,000 years of History

It has a hidden ancient history to enrich, known widely as the “island of love”, because of the famous legend Aphrodite, that was born here. This country has enjoyed a rich and varied history, with many types of civilizations thriving on the islands, from the Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras to the present day.

Universities & Colleges in Cyprus

  • Cyprus University of Technology
  • University of Cyprus
  • Cyprus International University
  • Frederick University
  • Dogu Akdeniz Üniversitesi
  • European University Cyprus
  • American College
  • Cyprus International Institute of Management
  • Yakin Dogu Üniversitesi
  • University of Nicosia
  • Alexander College
  • P.A. College
  • Akdeniz Karpaz Üniversitesi
  • Girne Üniversitesi
  • Lefke Avrupa Üniversitesi

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