Over the years Australia has become one of the most popular destinations for students aspiring to go abroad for higher studies. Indians make up a noticeable part of the huge number of international students whom Australia attracts.

Needless to say that going to a foreign country and settling over there is not an easy task.

We at AUM Global, work with the objective of helping those students realise their dreams who want to go and get settled in abroad. Our network is well spread in many countries which allow us to do a fine job and Australia is one such country.

It is a common knowledge that the standard of living in this country is quite high but still it is more affordable than the other popular options like USA and U.K. We provide a detailed estimation of the costs of studying in Australia in order to guide and help the aspiring students.

Australian Institutions unlike most Indian Institutions ask for the fees to be paid up front. The course fees vary with institutions but usually in case of undergraduate degrees, the tuition fees vary between Australian Dollars 14,000 to 35,000 while in case of post graduate degrees the fees vary from $15,000 to $36,000.

In some cases students have to pay for the additional facilities of the institution as well like laboratory, library, sports facilities and the likes.

We help our clients to choose the most convenient option for them by providing them a proper and detailed information regarding this. We even provide our clients with all the scholarship information offered by the different institutions the knowledge about which is very tough for an aspiring student to acquire.

AUM Global helps its clients to successfully get a Student VISA for Australia so that our clients will get a chance to work while studying over there, which trend is quite popular in the foreign countries.

The Australian Workplace Law takes care of the International students working a part tine job but this requires a lot of detailed application from the beginning like taking care of the Tax File Number which all we can help our clients with.

One thing which mist people do not know is that even of they plan to get a part time job in Australia they need to show that they can afford the cost of living even with out it. This plays a key role in getting the Student VISA approved.

Australia's Migration Regulations demand a lot of rules to be followed and the aspiring students need to show the details of a fixed amount of money set for different categories by the Australian Law. We at AUM Global provide our clients with proper information and insight and ensure that their applications are approved.

Cost of studying in Australia is not mere the costs portrayed by the institutions which you will learn by going through their basic information. It includes a lot if other elements about which we are keen on helping our clients with as we work with the motto of making dreams come true.