Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students and among Indian Students as well.

Australia offers good educational and vocational courses which are relevant for the current job market scenario making the country popular among students. They also offer a good infrastructure and a fast life suitable for students who usually get a job as soon as they finish their course.

Australia is a country that offers quiet a variety if VISAS for its immigrants and the students VISA is the most popular among them. Each and every type of VISA offered by the country is unique and hence aspiring students who want to go to Australia need to keep in mind the special features for the students VISA and what needs to be done to get it approved.

No matter what the requirements are and how tedious the process is, we at AUM Global make sure that our clients get a satisfactory result thanks to our services and consultancy.

An International student is allowed to stay in Australia for an extended period of about a month even after the course gets over for which he or she applied.

A unique feature of the study VISA in Australia is that a person is allowed to work under it as well. But in most cases students are allowed o work for a legal part time job under the specifications of the Australian student VISA. An international student needs to be over the age of 16 years to acquire this VISA and it is applicable for special degree courses and for vocational trainings as well.

Apart from providing with a proper application for the student VISA, an aspiring student even needs to provide the authorities with the confirmation of enrolment certificate or COC from the Australian institution to which he or she is applying. The authority also needs to be notified about the courses to which the immigrants are applying to and also about the duration of that course.

Since this process can often be a bit tricky one, we at AUM Global take this upon ourselves to ensure that our clients get this done perfectly and get their VISAS approved.

The cost of an Australian VISA varies but ranges around 535 Australian dollars. The Australian VISA also allows the student to combine more than one courses. The student VISA in Australia paves the way for a Tax File Number and without the combination of the two a student will not be able to get a legal part time job which happen to be quiet well paid.

The student Australian VISA can be acquired quite a few times and has no age limit to it. It is also an easy way of getting in the country since this VISA covers for both spouses and children. This VISA come with a lot of opportunities but are quite tricky to get it approved.

One needs to know all the minute rules and take care of the details which is tough for an aspiring student to know. AUM Global with the motto of making dreams come true provides excellent assistance in helping the students achieve their dreams of higher studies in Australia.