A sponsor letter would be required if you need some form of sponsorship for your international study plans. At AUM Global, we rightly guide you in preparing your sponsor letter, thereby increasing the chances of your sponsorship approval from the concerned authorities.

Your sponsorship may be done by either an individual or an organization. We have developed separate formats for each of the cases. Thus, if you are looking for sponsorship from an individual, you can use our letter format which is particularly made for addressing an individual. Or is you are targeting an organization for the purpose, you can use our letter format for addressing groups and/or organizations.

You can either use our letter formats, creating the letter on your own, or, if you are not confident enough, then our professionals will develop the sponsorship letter for you.

The funding that you might need for your international study, would largely depend on your choice of the country, the institution and the course. Hence, the sponsorship letter would also have to be created accordingly.

AUM Global essentially helps you with the process by rightly identifying the fund that you need to be sponsored, the individual or organization that you want to have you sponsored, and hence the letter that you will need to present to the party.

We are a one-stop solution to all details and processes you need to undergo for your international study. When the letter of sponsorship is so important a part of this process, we guide you with what is best for you.

Download Reference File - Sponser Letter