Beside its education framework, the UK is also well known for various other factors such as its lifestyles and living environment, which too are perfect for its visitors and international students.

A generally rich destination with profound social roots, the UK gives a perfect base from which one can investigate the history and society of the UK as well as of whatever is left of Europe too.

With alternatives to work over the span of your studies, the UK brags of a multicultural society that can help you become grow. From amazing sceneries to the royalty at Buckingham Palace, life in the UK is an affair that can't be missed.

At AUM Global, we ensure that our clients have the right knowledge of the place so that they are comfortable in their living as they complete their studies.

Academic Excellence
The world thinks about it and we trust you are no special case. One critical data we should include is that all broadly perceived UK qualifications are liable to strict examination and quality principles by particular national quality confirmation organizations and subsidizing boards (QCA, ACCAC, CCEA, SQA, QAA, RAE).

Quality education and training are offered here:
• All Masters (including MBAs) are of only one year term
• You can likewise complete most under graduate degrees in 3 years (including engineering) which are for the most part 4 years in different countries
• Sandwich programs: During your Bachelors, you can get this extraordinary chance of working for an extra year and continuing your studies (in the last year). All Universities on numerous projects offer this. They help you get your work and you are paid for it.

Significant urban areas like London, Manchester are more costly contrasted with different spots in the United Kingdom. Most students in the UK need about £600 a month to live on. This will cover food, garments and other essential needs.

The monthly rents that you might need:
• Room in shared apartment £300 upwards
• Studio apartment £570 - £1330
• One room level/loft/house £700 - £1750
• Two room level/loft/house £880 - £2600
• Three room level/loft/house £1000 - £4200

Transport in UK
Transport costs fluctuate depending where you are in the UK. You can utilize open transport which is fairly priced. In London, transports are quick, helpful and not costly to go around the city. Transport passes are valid for the entire transport and cable car system in London.

Taxi for instance might require you to pay around 4GBP on an upward travel. Transport fare is 1.80GBP single ride.

Food and Drinks in UK
• Average cost of a sandwich is £1.50 - £4.00
• Average cost of an Indian and Chinese lunch per person (eat as much as you can) is £5-00 to £7-00.
• Average cost of supper (with beverages) per individual in an Indian or Chinese eatery is £8-00 to £25-00.
In short, the place is nice to live with moderate costs of living. For students, the environment is perfect that allows an encouraging atmosphere to complete your studies successfully.