If you want to study abroad, you will also need a letter of recommendation. We, at AUM Global, help you in getting your letter ready. We ensure that your purpose is rightly shared in the letter, along with your achievements, qualifications, personality, and other relevant details.

Our process

To ensure that all the right details are provided in the letter, our teams of counsellors and professionals:
• Make one-to-one meeting with our clients – that is you – and hence gather all the essential information from you;
• Such information include your qualifications, scores, achievements, performance, work experiences if any, extracurricular activities, strengths and weaknesses, challenges, and related factors;
• Include all such information in a compact and organized way in the letter so that the letter offers an interest to the reader to know more about you;
• Make your recommendation based on your qualifications and capabilities to be given admission in your preferred institute.
Generally such letters of recommendation are required to be provided for you, from any of your teachers and professors who have known you as their student, or anybody who is a witness to your previous performance.

You can choose anyone of your choice and reliability for the purpose, while we format the letter for you.

Importance of the Letter
The letters of recommendation are usually requested by the colleges and universities to have a sort of guarantee on your performance and qualifications, from those who have known you well. Hence, writing a strong and positive letter for the purpose is crucial.

Download Reference File - Letter of Recommendation