Core Values - Integrity - Honesty


We, at AUM Global services are committed to some core values and principles. We are of the opinion that the core values provide the firm foundation to our consultancy services which enables it to stand out in the market arena.

We try and inculcate these core values in all our services. By adhering to these core values we have been able to withstand all kinds of tribulations and tough times and have been able to emerge successfully for our clients.


The most important thing that we value the most at AUM Global services is integrity.

We work on this principle and try to perform all our work with total integrity. We believe in ourselves and try to work to the best of our ability. We do not entertain any kind of hypocrisy and want to deal with all our customers in a very upfront manner. The customers appreciate us for the high level of integrity that each and every staff member of our consultancy exhibit.


Another very important core value is our belief and practice of honesty. We are extremely honest in all our dealings. We believe that honesty is not the best but the only policy.

Our customers love us because they can figure out our honesty. Our customers have tremendous respect for us because we are hundred percent honest. We try to prove to our staff and our customers the basic and simple fact that dishonesty never pays.


Transparency is another element of our core values. We want to remain hundred percent transparent to our customers. At the time of the first interview we give a detailed account of the cost that they have to incur if they want to study abroad. We give justification for each and every expense and help them in getting the educational loans from the banks.

We tell our customers how we can help them with recommendation letters for which they will need to pay a fee. We try to remain hundred percent transparent and don’t have any inclination to hide any information from our customers.


Everyone at AUM Global services has tremendous value for discipline. We realize that we, as a consultancy business, will not be able to create that kind of an impression until and unless we are disciplined in our selves.

We have a dedicated team of highly educated professors and staff who are all extremely disciplined.

Hard Working

We realize that until and unless we are hardworking we will not be able to achieve our goal. Our goal is to become the leading consultancy for students who aspire to go abroad for overseas studies. We at AUM Global services are extremely hard working and committed.

Thus, the core values at AUM Global services include Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Discipline and Hard Work.

All the various activities and services of our consultancy try and inculcate all these core values. These values have given us a firm foundation and we are all committed to all of these core values.