UK is known for its globally recognized education system, throughout the centuries. UK has renowned universities and holds the pride for having world's leading institutions located here.

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Students in the UK are fascinated with learning at various distinctive levels. An extensive variety of institutions will carry on courses at every level – from schools and universities to further education universities and colleges.

In UK "O" level is identical to SSC, "A" levels (2 years) is identical to HSC, Bachelors is for 3 years, and 4 Years are internship program.

Types of Institution:
• University
• Open University
• Institution of Higher Education
• Open School
• College of Technology
• Teacher Training College

There are the (GCSE), A-levels, study based and job oriented courses and post-graduate qualifications, including master's degrees and doctorates.

General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE): This is a 2 years A-level course. Usually a 2 year course, though 1 year thorough courses are also available.

Higher National Certificates and Higher National Diplomas
If you need to go ahead to advanced education to make you job prepared, a BTEC HNC or HND is for you. HNCs and HNDs concentrate on learning by doing and can lead into another profession, or help you advance in your present profession.

HNCs (Higher National Certificates) and HNDs (Higher National Diplomas) are job related (professional) advanced education. While four year college educations tend to concentrate on knowledge, HNCs and HNDs are job oriented training course. BTEC national certificates are generally taken as an alternative to A-Levels. They are awarded by Vocational and Technical Educational Councils.

Bachelor’s Degree: BA/BSc/MB
A four year college education is a course of academic study for example, a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), or Bachelor of medicine (MB). It usually takes three or four years to finish full time (regularly four years in case you're doing an internship course, duration of which –a year in industry or abroad).

Four year college educations in a few subjects can take more time; for instance, medicinal courses generally take five or six years. You can likewise think about for a four year college education distance learning. Bachelor’s degree duration is 3 years in England and Wales & 4 years in Scotland.

Postgraduate Qualifications
If you want to upgrade your qualifications further then you can opt for post-graduation. A post graduate degree is mainly based on the respective academic study. It can take 12 month of complete study. The degree also leads to master’s degree to study in depth of various subjects.

A doctorate degree are actually research oriented. It will take no less than three years of full-time study to finish.

Grading System
Usual Grading system in Secondary school:

• A: excellent mark
• B: above average mark;
• C: average mark;
• D: below average mark;
• E: failing mark

• Main admission – September to October
• Alternative admission – Jan / Feb, May
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