The United Kingdom is foremost in giving training and offering a place of pride in world of global education learning. Its R&D organizations are best in subjects including Engineering, Law, Economics and Business. The faculty of UK University Departments, Research Centers is of superior quality that must be given due weightage by aspiring students willing to go there.

To be guaranteed of getting the best quality support about studying in UK, students need to enlist with AUM Global. After enrollment all students will be guided thoroughly to get confirmation in their desired institutions.

AUM Global helps students in various global tests:
• The Universal Tests
• You will be requested latest test scores of for the most part the TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and the IELTS.

Furthermore, the normal scores for your tests ought to look something like
• TOEFL -550 (paper-based), 213 (PC based) or 79 (web based)
• SAT - 2,000
• 149-153 (in your verbal), 158-160 (for your math), and 3.8 to 4.0 for the GRE
• A score from 550 or more for the GMAT
• Around 5.5 – 7.0 will accomplish for your IELTS

Required documents:
• Passport copy/visa
• Academic qualifications
• Certificate of graduation
• Certificate of English language skill – IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test/Other
• Personal statement
• Reference letters
• CV (if appropriate)

If you have work experience then you have to furnish 2 copies of your experience certificate from your present or past employers.

Other additional requirements may include:
• Sufficient financial backup
• Essay submissions
• Visa Fee Receipt
• Scholarship letter (if needed)
• Sponsor Letter

Depending on the institute you apply for, you may also be asked to submit documents of:
• Post-graduate qualification
• Certificate of graduation/bachelors education
• PhD/Research
• Certificate of post-graduation/master’s degree
• Research theory
• Past UK Education History
• Previous CAS letter
• Confirmation of enrolment
• Biometric card and visa stamp
• Personal Statement

An individual statement is required when applying to UK colleges. In it, students are entrusted with detailing on what they want to do in the course, what they plan to do when the course completes and also the motto behind application.

We will edit your personal statement in the best possible way so that it shows a complete personality of you. It also highlights you why you are perfect fit for the applied university. We help you in every detail.

Reference Letters:
References are typically composed by somebody who knows you academically or professionally. Your reference does not need to be an academician, but rather in case you have just completed your academics a reference from academically background person is desirable.

Picking the right person is significant for your application to college.

Things to consider:
• Choose a suitable person
• Print on official organization or institution letterhead
• Explain the relationship amongst you and the referee
• Express certainty that you will finish the course
• Don't forget the signature of the referee

AUM Global helps its students in the complete documentation process. It guides its valuable clients with every details to be followed, tests to be taken, and various pre departure briefings to be taken.

Our super trained counsellors are always ready to serve you with a smiling face. Come to us and feel the difference.