Any student who wishes to go abroad for higher studies knows how hard the immigration process is and how many requirements it has.

On top of that, different countries have different requirements for their international students which make it highly likely for a student to get confused with the application processes. Not only will the application of an aspiring student has to be perfect but he or she will have to present a few required documents and clear a few required tests as well as part of the immigration process.

AUM Global helps its clients with the immigration process and with settling down in a new country. We at AUM Global help the students who want to go to abroad for higher studies fulfil their dreams. Our well spread network in various countries allow us to do this job successfully.

Australia is one of the most popular countries for higher studies where we have our network which helps our clients in achieving their dreams of studying in Australia.

Studying in Australia requires the student VISA application of a desired student to be cleared. Before beginning with the normal process a student need to clear an English Language test which is very common in all English speaking developed countries. In case of Australian institutions, they ask for the score of IELTS or International English Language Test Score to check the student's proficiency over the subject.

We at AUM global provide our clients with all the help required regarding this test and all our client has to do is successfully manage a good score.

Once the client is done with the test, our focus shifts on how to help them with all the documents that are required. An aspiring student needs to check Australia's requirements with the Department of Migration and the Department of Border Protection. Since this is not an easy task we provide our services that will help our clients.

Once we are done helping with the documents and tests required for the immigration process we deal with the requirements of the institutions. Most of the institutions providing graduation degree requires an Australian senior secondary qualification certificate or an equivalent overseas certificate which varies with institutions. Same goes for the post graduate degree requirements and they too vary institutions and we help our clients with all the varying requirements.

The vocational education and training or VET in Australia has a bit of different requirements than the main stream degree courses. They have a few specific pre requisites which vary with the degree and hence the need varies.

Apart from these many foundation courses are available to help an international student settling down in Australia which we recommend according to our clients' needs. Electronic Confirmation Enrolment Certificate is another required document which we discuss in details with our client and help them with. Other than these Indian students often need to produce insurance documents.

Settling down in another country especially Australia has many hurdles and we at AUM Global help our clients cross these hurdles and acquire their dream of pursuing higher studies over there.