The UK is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The country is close to (244,000 square kilometers), passing from the Shetland Islands off the north coast of Scotland, to the Isles of Scilly in south west England, and across the sea to Northern Ireland.

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The capital city of the UK is London, which is likewise the capital of England. For Wales the capital is Cardiff, for Scotland it is Edinburgh, and for Northern Ireland it is Belfast. Population in the UK is around 62 million (England: 52 million, Scotland: 5.4 million, Wales: 4 million, Northern Ireland: 1.7 million).

The country hardly gets 3 months of sunshine and the weather is very gloomy throughout. Every living animal is looked equally in this country. Be it a dog/any creature/human from any part of the globe, they value life.

The UK's long coastline is around 5,100 miles. The geography ranges from green forest to tough mountains. The most famous mountain is Ben Nevis in Scotland at a little more than 1,340 meters.

Popular architecture of the country includes:
• The Buckingham Palace.
• The biggest Royal home is the Windsor palace.
• Big Ben

There are 28 world heritage in the UK and 4 in London. These are the West Priest Castle, the Tower Of London, Maritime Greenwich, Kew Botanical greenery.

The UK is one of the world's driving business areas. It is one of the major ten manufacturers in the world and has the biggest businesses in Europe.

English is talked all through the UK, yet there are other major languages as well, for example, Welsh, Scots and Gaelic. The money of the UK is pounds sterling.

The primary religion in the UK is Christianity. But UK is a multi-religious nation where different religions are broadly invited and acknowledged. Tube and The Underground mainly comprise the public transport system.

London bags the primary position to have an underground tram framework. The tube course from Leicester Square to Covent Garden can be walked speedily. The tube route additionally happens to be the costliest and problematic.

The United Kingdom is a parliamentary vote based system meaning that the government is chosen by the general population voting. The Queen is Head of State in the United Kingdom.

The Bridge:
• The Thames has more than 200 bridges and tunnels along its course.

The Post:
• The United Kingdom does not have its name on post.
• To paste a stamp that has the Monarch's face up and down is considered conspiracy

The Law:
• You must not utilize any drugs, including cannabis, rapture, LSD or amphetamines.
• It is unlawful to hold self-defense CS gas splashes, firearms or immobilizers. There are strict laws and punishments for those who are carrying knives.
• You must be 18 or over to purchase tobacco and liquor

The country is a paradise for immigrant nationalities such as for immigrants from India, Poland, Ireland and Germany.