Australia has turned out to be one of the most famous countries for international students in the recent times. It has a good infrastructure for education which allows international students to get a degree that is relevant to the current job market. The country’s varied cultures and fast life acts as another plus when students decide on which country to choose for studying abroad.

Needless to say Indians are not falling back when it comes to going abroad for studies and like every international student; Indians are also aiming for Australia for all its noteworthy features.

But since studying in Australia is relatively new compared to studying in the USA, UK and the like, there are still a few things that any aspiring student needs to know before going to the country.

We at AUM Global, work with the aim of helping students fulfill their dream of going abroad and have a hassle free perfect life over there, so we prepare our clients accordingly and ensure that their experience is a good one.

Getting a student VISA for students who want to study abroad in Australia requires taking care of a few minute details. If a student VISA for Australia is approved then that student will be eligible for part time jobs in the country as well and not otherwise. The Australian Working Law and all these regulation might sound a bit strange for the Indian students and hence we ensure that our clients are well informed about Australia before going over there.

The health Insurance covering a student has much importance in shaping up the life of that student in Australia. Health Insurance are highly recommended as well as having an Australian bank account for those who are willing to go settle over there for higher studies. AUM Global has a group of expert who provides these valuable information and counsel regarding this to the clients in order to ensure that they have a convenient life there.

The jet lag is one thing to reckon with while traveling to Australia as well as the seasons. Being in the Southern Hemisphere the season and the jet lag is not like any other northern hemisphere countries. Other than the geographical changes, the economic changes which one will face in Australia are to be kept in mind as well. Australia is quite an expensive country and needs a proper budgeting before students go and get settled for which AUM Global is there to help.

Aspiring students should also know that the Australian grading system is a lot different than the system followed here in India and hence much research must be done about it as well. After having calculated the costs and having finished with the budgeting, if an aspiring student see that the costs are being hard to be met up with then there are a few options to get financial aid and scholarships in Australia which are not very common. We at AUM Global provide our clients with all these important information and ensure that they have a good experience.